Escape from New York Pizza

Today’s post is the first in a series.  We are going to highlight some of our favorite pizza spots in the Portland area.

Today we want to introduce you to Escape from New York Pizza – Leigh Anne’s personal favorite.

Escape from New York Pizza is located at 622 NW 23rd.  It is a perfect place to stop for lunch during your shopping adventures on NW 23rd.  It opens at 11:30 a.m. and closes at 11:00 p.m.


Not only will the pizza taste like you are eating in NYC but the atmosphere will make you feel like you are in NYC as well!  Sitting is rather limited – there are a few tables both inside and out but I prefer a stool at the counter.

This place has good pizza.  There are usually 3-4 choices each day.


You can check out the days offerings on the board.  Fridays are  our favorite because they always have black olive pizza!  Cheese and pepperoni are always part of the selection.


This place has character – from the wall decor to the people behind the counter to the old cash register.


In the true NY style the pizza has a thin crust and plenty of good pizza grease to go with it – yum! So next time you have a craving for good old NY style pizza take a trip down to NW 23rd.


You can sit and watch them prepare the pizza and if you are lucky you will even get to see them throw it in the air!


So next time you are craving a yummy, greasy, cheesy piece of pizza  – Escape from New York Pizza is your place!

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We’d also love to hear where your favorite place to get pizza is in the Portland metro area – please leave us a comment and let us know!


  1. Our favorite pizza in the Portland Metro is in Vancouver…Juliano’s Pizza. They pile on more toppings than you can imagine!

    Ultimately, our favorite pizza in Oregon is Giovanni’s Mountain Pizza in Mill City, OR. We have been known to drive an hour and a half just to have pizza and then come back home. In fact, just a month ago, four of us drove all the way there and ordered four large pizzas plus one to go. We ate a little there and then took all the rest home. Yep, they looked at us like we were nuts!!!!

  2. We found that place when I was pregnant with Sydney and would go down to Good Samaratin for classes! It was great! And we were just in NW last week and I was thinking – what is the name of that place we went to… so glad that you sent this out.

    My husband’s favorite pizza place is a tie between Pizzacato and Pizza Schmitza. I’m not a huge pizza lover – I would choose Pizzacato over Pizza Schmitza :-)

  3. We like Giovanni’s in Beaverton! Pizzicato comes in second, their salads are great go-withs. However, in our opinion, on ‘those nights you’re staying home’, Papa Murphys can’t be beat.

  4. I’ve been here! This is an example of “taking local things for granted.” My parents live really near this place, so this is their convenient pizza place. I don’t think they realize how extra special it is!

  5. I love Papa’s Pizza in Beaverton . It is crazy with the kids play room. The crust is great. It has cornmeal on the bottom. The way they bake it is really good. They even have delivery. Try it you’ll like it.

  6. Claudia Kreft says:

    Our favorite local pizza place is Apizza Scholls located @ 48th and Hawthorne in Portland. It has been written up in the New York Times as one of the ten best pizza places in the US! We recently took a Greek friend (who considers himself a pizza snob from New York and has never found a pizza that comes very close to what he considers real pizza in Portland). He LOVED it! I should caution you, on Friday and Saturday eves, the wait can be up to 2 hours just to get seated. We have always thought it was worth the wait. Their website is and will give you more specifics. (We first got introduced to them when they were a mere ten minutes from us in the little community of Scholls..we have since followed them to the Hawthorne district, but it’s much more of a time commitment now, and the Hawthorne district isn’t quite as wholesome!…it’s STILL so worth it!) Let me know what you think!

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