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Screen Door

Our second week of searching for Portland's best breakfast took us to Screen Door located at SE 24th and Burnside.  Screen Door is a "Celebration of Southern Cuisine." Screen Door is open for dinner seven days a week but only open for brunch on the weekend. They don't open until 9 a.m. as they technically serve brunch not breakfast.  When … [Read more...]

Bliss Bakery } Valentine’s Day

Bliss Bakery is excited for Valentine's Day.  This one in particular marks their official 1 year anniversary!  To celebrate they are offering you two very exclusive gifts for your sweet heart.  Option 1 is a 4 pack of cupcakes in a box, tied with ribbon.  A card, rose and balloon are included all for $20!  For $5 more you can have it delivered … [Read more...]

Bliss Bakery } Storytime

Bliss Bake Shop is best known for their delicious cupcakes, made entirely from scratch!  Located in the Bethany Village Shopping Center on the west-side Bliss was established one year ago by Sarah and Jennifer.  Aside from cupcakes that are not only yummy to eat, but to look at as well; Bliss offers several other services to the community.  Among … [Read more...]

Piccolo Mondo Toys

You may know Piccolo Mondo Toys for it's wide variety of toys and games for your child, or next party gift.  But did you also know that Piccolo Mondo is the perfect place for Family Fun? I was in the market for a new family game and asked a friend what she recommended.  What she recommended was heading over to Piccolo Mondo for family game night … [Read more...]

Portland Children’s Museum

The Portland Children's Museum is one of the local "go to" places for families.  Located off of HWY 26 at Washington Park, the museum is located right next to the zoo. Santa left a membership in our stockings last year and we loved popping up there on any given rainy day.  My children love everything about the museum but are especially fond of … [Read more...]

Mother’s Bistro

One of my new year's goals is to discover who serves the best breakfast in Portland. Most Saturday mornings my husband and I (and our teenager daughter when she gets up in time) are venturing out into Portland to find who serves the best breakfast in town! Our first visit was to Mother's Bistro in downtown Portland. They had just been closed for … [Read more...]

Food Carts} Mississippi Marketplace

If you have spent anytime in downtown Portland you may have noticed food carts popping up everywhere!  In fact there are over 450 food carts in Multnomah County! Portland has been getting a lot of press about all their food carts, even being featured in Bon Appetit Magazine! A new row of food carts has opened up over on N. Mississippi also - … [Read more...]