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People’s Pig

The People's Pig is another great Portland food cart turned brick & mortar restaurant.  People's Pig moved in the former home of Tropicana BBQ which had been there for over half a century.  The place came complete with the old white brick oven.   They basically left everything from  the booths, the cocunter and stools, the menu, to the … [Read more...]

Donut Byte Labs

 Donut Byte Labs is home to delicious gourmet mini donuts in downtown Portland. I know that Voodoo Donuts gets all the hype when it comes to the Portland donut scene but really, there are better donuts in Portland.  One of my favorite brick and morter donut shops is Blue Star Donuts but when it comes to donut food carts you must check out … [Read more...]

Pollo Norte

  Pollo Norte specializes in Mexican Style Rotisserie Chicken. I have had this restaurant on my To Try list for a while now.  I had heard lots of great things about it. I had also heard that you needed to call ahead and reserve your food because they often sold out.  Fortunately they have got some things figured out and they say that … [Read more...]