People’s Pig

The People’s Pig is another great Portland food cart turned brick & mortar restaurant.

People's Pig People’s Pig moved in the former home of Tropicana BBQ which had been there for over half a century.  The place came complete with the old white brick oven.   They basically left everything from  the booths, the cocunter and stools, the menu, to the meat-smoking pit unchanged.

People’s Pig is located at 3217 N. Williams Ave., Portland, OR.  The

People's PigThe smoking pit is right outside the restaurant and you can smell it for blocks leading up to the restaurant.

People's Pig Smoking Pit

The location is small but with lots of charm.  There is seating inside, including at the L shaped lunch counter and a few tables out in front.

People's PigThe menu is small and limited too but what they do, they do well.  There is smoked pork shoulder, ribs,  BBQ pork, and smoked fried chicken.  You can have it in a sandwich (except the ribs), on a plate or made into a salad.  We went for the two meat plate with two sides and it was plenty for my husband and I to share but we aren’t big eaters.

People's Pig

The sides are ample and good.  We went for the potato salad and slaw but you also have the choice of blacked eyed peas,  and macaroni salad.  It also came with delicious BBQ sauce,  Sriracha mayo, and sweet-spicy japapeno relish.  We gobbled up every last bite.  My favorite was the fried chicken!  Magical.  We’ll be back.

People's Pig in Portland

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