What’s the scoop

What’s the Scoop? is one of Portland’s local ice cream shops.What's The Scoop Ice Cream, Portland, ORAfter dinner at The People’s Pig the other night we needed to top off our delicious meal with something sweet.  I knew that one of Portland’s local ice cream shops was just a few blocks away so we headed up Williams Street to What’s the Scoop?  Located at 3540 North Williams Avenue, Portland, OR 97227, What’s the Scoop is small batch ice cream shop an all their ice cream is made from scratch using frozen liquid  The liquid nitrogen produces smaller ice crystal and gives you a creamier ice cream.

What's The Scoop

What’s The Scoop

When we walked in and checked out the menu board I joked with my friend that he should order The Hosack Sundae.  Well we decided we were going to order it and share.  Two of the four of us said they weren’t having any but we decided two of us could handle the four scoops covered in nut brittle, hot fudge, honey caramel, toasted marshmallow and whip cream sundae!

What's The Scoop Ice Cream Shop, Portland, ORWe decided to go with some of their signature flavors, browned butter almond brittle, 3D chocolate, Mint Chip and their amazing Vanilla.  One of the best vanilla ice creams I’ve had.  They sell their special vanilla extract there at the shop.

Don’t miss the marshmallow topping which they toast right there with a torch!

What's the Scoop Ice Cream

It is amazing and in fact, the other two members of our party who assured us they weren’t having just couldn’t help themselves and they grabbed a spoon and dug in too!!

What's The Scoop

Next time I’m checking out their fortune cookie cones!



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