Pollo Norte

  Pollo Norte specializes in Mexican Style Rotisserie Chicken. I have had this restaurant on my To Try list for a while now.  I had heard lots of great things about it. I had also heard that you needed to call ahead and reserve your food because they often sold out.  Fortunately they have got some things figured out and they say that … [Read more...]

Petunia’s Pies & Pastries}Gluten Free

We have been wanting to check out Petunia's Pies and Pastries for a while now but it always seems to be  Monday when Cali is in town and we have time.  Petunia's is closed on Mondays.  It is located downtown at 610 SW 12th. Over the holiday break though we finally got a chance and we are so glad we did. First of all Petunia's is … [Read more...]

Back to Eden Bakery}Gluten Free

Another great gluten free bakery in Portland is  Back to Eden over at 2217  NE Alberta Street in Portland, just a few minutes away from Tula.   Back to Eden is gluten, soy, dairy and sugar free and might I add delicious. In addition to being delicious this bakery is just so cute! Back to Eden serves lunch with lots of savory choices with … [Read more...]

Slappy Cakes

If you are looking for a family friendly, fun, make your own breakfast kind of place and you don't want to stay home check out Slappy Cakes.  Slappy Cakes is located over at 4246 SE Belmont.  Each table has a built in pancake griddle. They have a selection of pancake batters to choose from - we got buttermilk, whole grain and gluten free!  They … [Read more...]

Tula Bakery}Gluten Free

One of our favorite gluten free bakeries in Portland is located NE Martin Luther King Blvd. in Portland.   In addition to lots of delicious sweet treatsTula Bakery  also has a great bread selection including both artisan and quick breads. Not all of their products are dairy free but each item is marked with a sign that tells you if it is also dairy … [Read more...]

Craven Raven Bakery}Gluten Free

{Sad to hear Craven Raven has closed their doors!} Whenever my daughter, Cali, comes home for a visit we check out the latest and greatest of gluten free bakeries/restaurants in the Portland area.  If you have to be gluten free, Portland is a great place to live. We had an appointment at the naturopath while Cali was home and one of the … [Read more...]